Alex Pagan

Alex started racing back home and Puerto Rico. He started Humble Performance in a small shop in Broken Arrow in the late 90s. He has a wide array of skills from engine bulding and tuning to driving.

Rob Reinen
Sales Manager

Rob joined the Humble team in 2013 to help take over sales. His Midori Green All-Motor Hatch "GreenGo" ran a 10.1 at WCF 2014. He's been an avid Honda enthusiast for over 10 years.

Engine Builder/Mechanic

Falo is a key member to the success of Humble Performance. A skilled engine builder and mechanic, he makes sure every job is done right. Falo drives a 2000 Civic Si called "eBay Killer" its fastest time is 10.1 @ 153MPH.